May’s Hello Rookie Asian Chairshot Release First EP

Three-piece rock band Asian Chairshot formed in May 2011 and proceeded to make their first digital release half a year later. In 2012 Asian Chairshot made a name for themselves through CJ Azit’s Tune Up and last month Asian Chairshot was picked as Hello Rookie of May. Now the band’s first EP has been released on Dada Music–the online release came on May 20th with the offline release following a day later.

While going for something of a loser image, on four tracks the trio is showcasing several different styles from grunge to the psychedelic, even channelling sounds of Korea’s traditional mask dance on the song with the same name. Next month Asian Chairshot will be heading to Singapore for the Baybeats Festival, taking on the outdoor stage on June 28th.

Here is EP opening track “소녀” performed for Hello Rookie:


Also for Hello Rookie, here’s “반지하제왕” as shown on TV:


From last year’s Tune Up finals, here’s “꽃”:


And finally, here’s mask dance song “탈춤”:

Via: Bugs Music 1, 2; Hyang Music

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