Joe Won Sun Does Naver On Stage Plus

In addition to the weekly On Stage sessions hosted by Naver Music, there are the irregular On Stage Plus sessions for special themes or collaborations. The fourth Naver On Stage Plus Session was published today, April 9th, and the featured artist is Joe Won Sun. Supporting her is a number of well renowned musicians including bandoneón player Koh Sangji and members of her band, thereamong former Bard violinst Yoon Jong Su, as well as Dear Cloud bassist Elang.

The first song she performed for On Stage Plus was “아무도, 아무것도” from her so far only solo album, now sung together with Yoon Sang:


When jazz saxophonist Son Sung Jae released his album Elegy of Rain in 2011, Joe Won Sun was featured on the song “마음 얼음처럼 단단하게”. For On Stage Plus they performed the song together:


Joe Won Sun first made herself a name as the vocalist in acid jazz group Roller Coaster. The trio released their fifth and last full-length album Triangle in 2006, including the jazzy number “님의 노래”. Seven years later, here is Joe Won Sun singing it again:

Via: Naver Music

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