Boktea and Hangun Share Their Love Story

Singer-songwriter Boktea released her debut EP Hello Boktea in 2008–creatively packaged in an oversized tea bag. A couple of years later she went looking for a guitarist and teamed up with Hangun. In 2011 the couple got married–a wedding successfully crowdfunded when their parents opposed their union–and they’ve continued to make music together. On April 12th the two will release their first mini album 다른, 사랑 이야기 with four songs total.

A year ago a music video for “토끼야 토끼야”, included on the new release, was recorded by recandstop:


There’s also a simple music video for album lead track “흙의 왈츠”


The album opens with “길 위에서”:


And the album closes with “푸른 말”:

Via: The Digitalrecord; Boktea and Hangun on Tumblbug

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