iNoo’s Flower Band to Release First Album

Flower Band relased debut single 꽃가루 눈에 들어가고 하루살이 먹은 날 in February 2011–the title revealing the full name of the band, loosely translated to ‘day with pollen in the eyes eating mayfly’. On April 11th the band will return with first full-length album “꽃가루 눈에 들어가고 하루살이 먹은 날_하나”. With 10 tracks total it includes “칫솔두개” from the single debut.

Flower Band’s vocalist is iNoo, the younger sister of Park Hye Kyung. Just like TheThe, where Park Hye Kyung made herself a name, Flower Band have set out to make sweet music on the border between the commercial and indie music.

A video has yet to be released for any of the new songs, but to give an idea of Flower Band’s sound here’s the music video for debut single opening track “연애시작”:

Via: Hyang Music; Bugs Music

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