10cm to Return with New Album in October

Mega popular acoustic duo 10cm will release their second full-length album on October 10th. The news were announced yesterday with a teaser video for new album lead track “Fine Thank You And You?” shared exclusively on Naver. The full track and album info will be revealed on September 27th. As so often Naver has the videos restricted to viewing in Korea only, but readers that are in fact on the peninsula may check out the teaser here.

For those not lucky enough to be able to sample the real thing right away, here’s a video from last weekend of 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol singing “생수에게” accompanied by Polaroid Piano:


Polaroid Piano is one of the artists promoted through Support Your Music 2012. Kwon Jung Yeol sang the same song for Polaroid Piano’s debut digital single in August and it was included also on Polaroid Piano’s first EP Still Cuts released on September 11th. Other musicians helping out on the release included members from Serengeti and Daybreak.

Via: 10cmindonesia; Naver; Bugs Music

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