Mini-Interview with Princess Disease

One of my favorite things about writing for the Korean Indie News blog is all the new bands I come across because of it. The other day it was Princess Disease and their YouTube channel that kept me occupied. With their mix of the now so popular acoustic sound and electronica, they remind me a bit of 10cm. Liking what I heard I set out to find out more and swiftly received answers to my interview questions:



What is Princess Disease?

Well…You know everybody has Narcissism and wants to show off themselves today.
We also have it a little ^^ hahaha
We want to express these feelings and emotions through our music.


What are the primary influences for your sound?

All of the music that we have listened to.


What can you tell us about Prescription?

As I told you most people have not only narcissism like Princess Disease, but also lots of stress and depression.
We’d like to help them through music.


What are your plans for promoting Princess Disease and Prescription?

I’m not sure but we are going to have a stage as soon as possible.
And we and our company are arguing about many things regarding promotion that is good for Princess Disease.



Last week Princess Disease released their debut EP Prescription and today the CD version came out. No music videos or performances just yet, but a whole bunch of audio samples have been gathered in this playlist:

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