Covers from Guckkasten on I Am A Singer 2 June Compilation

The June round of I Am A Singer 2 finished on June 24th. On July 10th comes a double CD release with all the covers performed as part of competition during June and with Guckkasten among the contestants that means a couple of covers from Guckkasten have been included as well.

For the 70-80’s round Guckkasten won their group with a very Guckkasten take on Lee Jang Hee‘s “한잔의 추억“. When time came to compete for singer of the month Guckkasten offered a rock version of Kim Wan Sun’s “가장 무도회“. Performances from both episodes are available on the official I Am A Singer 2 site.

We’ve been covering all of the episodes through a commentary series on the main site:
I Am A Singer 2 : June Group A (Guckkasten – “한잔의 추억”)
I Am A Singer 2 : June Group B (Guckkasten – “거울”)
I Am A Singer 2 : June Elimination Round
I Am A Singer 2 : Singer of June (Guckkasten – “가장 무도회”)

Via: Hyang Music

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