Naru and Park Sol Join Forces in The Solutions

Singer-songwriters Naru and Park Sol have formed a duo going by the name The Solutions. The two met as Park Sol was part of the Support Your Music project where Naru acted as producer. Set on bringing the world ‘future pop’, they’ve been going for the sound of The Black Skirts meeting The Koxx.

The Solutions are releasing their debut single Sounds of the universe on June 8th and have also prepared a music video for the song with the same name. Their second digital single on Talk, dance, party for love is scheduled to follow on July 17th with a full-length album coming out on August 14th.

The music video for “Sounds of the universe” was released as soon as it turned Friday in Korea:


A week ago Happy Robot offered a ‘group ID project mapping film’ for The Solutions:

Via: Happy Robot Records’ YouTube channel; maniadb; The Solutions’ Facebook page

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