10cm Enter Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100 with Only U

The Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart for the week of June 30 has been out for a few days. After entering the chart last week, Verbal Jint and Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm had to make way for f(x)‘s “Electric Show” and can now be found at position 7. As of this week Kwon Jung Yeol also has a second entry on the chart with 10cm’s “Only U” debuting at position 42.

This week we find Busker Busker‘s “벚꽃 엔딩” down four slots since last week, now residing at position 34. “여수 밤바다” has moved down five slots to position 55 and can now be traced without a Billboard biz account only through the ‘weeks on chart’ listing, where “벚꽃 엔딩” and “여수 밤바다” with their 12 weeks on the chart are currently listed as number 8 and 9 respectively.

The other two indie entries spotted on the chart last week have since taken some of the biggest falls. Epitone Project‘s “새벽녘” dropped 31 slots down to position 49 whereas Guckkasten‘s “한잔의 추억” can now be found at position 98, a full 53 slots lower than the week before.

Source: Billboard

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