Remake Album from Bossa Nova Songstress Na Hee Kyung

In addition to being featured on Ju Yoon Ha‘s new digital single, bossa nova songstress Hee Kyung Na aka Heena released an album of her own on April 26th. The title is 나를 머물게 하는 and the five covers are based on Kim Hyun Chul‘s “춘천가는 기차” and his Yoon Sang collaboration “사랑하오”, Yoo Jae Ha‘s “우울한 편지”, Jo Duk Bae‘s “그대 내 맘에 들어오면은” and Susie Kang‘s Yoon Sang composed “흩어진 나날들“.

The album was recorded with Brazilian musicians, four of which can also be seen in the music video for “춘천가는 기차”. While in Brazil Hee Kyung Na held a show and met up with Brazilian K-pop blog SarangInGayo for an interview: [ENTREVISTA EXCLUSIVA] Na HeeKyung fala de carreira e shows no Brasil (in Portugese)

The music video was released a few days after the album:


On her YouTube channel Hee Kyung Na has previously shared her performance of “우울한 편지” on MBC’s Nanjang Concert:

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