Octave Soul Release More K-Indie and K-Pop Punk Covers

Shibuya-based label Octave Soul has been working hard to bring out more Korean indie music releases in Japan. Most are re-releases, but every now and then there is also the special release for the Japanese market. On May 16th comes the next special project, K-Pop Punk Covers, with Tokyo’s Maximum Outputs Level having taken on the task of making punk songs out of hits from Girls’ Generation, Kara and T-ara in Japanese. Visit the Ultra-Vybe album page for samples of all covers.

On May 2nd came two releases on the instrumental side:
Jambinai: Differance (2012)
Loro’s: Dream(s) (2009)

Originally scheduled for April, Galaxy Express will instead have limited editions of of their two full-length albums released on May 16th:
– Galaxy Express: Noise On Fire (2008)
– Galaxy Express: Wild Days (2010)

Plenty of re-releases coming up on May 23rd:
Googolplex: Behind The Eyes (2012)
Plastic PeopleFolk, Ya! (2006)
TaruR.A.I.N.B.O.W (2008)
– Taru: Taru (2009)
– Taru: 100 Percent Reality (2011)
YozohMy Name is Yozoh (2007)
– Yozoh: Traveler (2008)

As many re-releases more coming up on June 6th:
adultchildB TL B TL (2006)
– adultchild: Dandelion (2009)
CaskerPolyester Heart (2008)
– Casker: Your Songs (2009)
– Casker: Tender (2010)
Ukulele PicnicUkulele Picnic (2010)
– Ukulele Picnic: Aloha, Cheery Greeting (2011)

Finally, for June 20th:
Seoul Seoul Seoul (2012)

Sources: Amazon.co.jp, @kyocosmic

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