Nine Released 2nd Story Digital Single

End of April Dear Cloud vocalist Nine released her 1st Story digital single 약속해. On May 21st followed her 2nd Story, another digital single this time under the title 가위손. Like the previous single the new release has been mastered at London’s Metropolis Studios and again 0 has been working together with Nine on the material.

Also supporting Nine for the single is Oh Su Jin, previously working with Dear Cloud and Ju Yoon Ha, who has taken care of the string arrangements. The piano arrangements have been handled by Bremen‘s Kim Seo Jung whereas former Bremen and current Walrus bassist Yang Sion is responsible for the bass. Additionally Walrus and Lowdown 30 drummer Kim Tae Hyun has been playing the drums.

The single comes with two tracks, “가위손” and “구해줘”, with “가위손” being promoted with a music video:

Source: Bugs Music

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