Rocket Diary Return with New Sound and Mini Album

Rocket Diary announced new material through their YouTube channel in November last year. Fans were overjoyed as it’s been five years since they released their first album, with only a couple of soundtrack songs coming out since. On April 24th Rocket Diary return with Anyone Anywhere.

For the mini album Rocket Diary have turned their previous pop punk style into more of a synthpop/Britpop sound. The mini album includes the song “전 세계의 쓰레기여 단결하라”, released as a digital single a month ago and comes with a “minimum remix” of lead track “야화 (Yahwa)” as bonus track.

A music video for “야화 (Yahwa)” was released a few hours ago:


Prior to the release of “전 세계의 쓰레기여 단결하라” on single Rocket Diary shared the audio through their YouTube channel:


For a chance to hear more the mini album, check out the brief making of clip the band shared in November:

Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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