PaldoAcoustic Travels Korea to Film Local Musicians

While there is no longer any problem to find plenty of Korean indie music on YouTube or Vimeo, it’s far more difficult to find what bands outside of Seoul, or even the less central parts of Seoul sound like. Slowly things are starting to change, as PaldoAcoustic have engaged in monthly travels to meet and film local musicians.

Since the beginning of the year PaldoAcoustic are sharing these videos on a web page, starting with Jeongneung in the outskirts of Seoul followed by videos recorded in Gwangju, Daegu, Jeju and Busan.

From Jeongneung PaldoAcoustic introduce young female duo Hodugwaja with songs “1020버스” and “OO생각”:


In Gwangju The Frog In The Well got a chance to impress with “버스킹”


In Daegu PaldoAcoustic met up with both Gunhoon and Donovan and the 3rd Planet.

Gunhoon performed “병든 마음 치료하자”–the title track from his first full-length album–and a song called “실패자”.


Donovan and the 3rd Planet performed both “오늘 밤 그대 내 곁에 있어주오” and “강물” from last year’s Donovan album In Between Planets (행성사이에):


On Jeju-do Devil_E_So_Marko were filmed performing “낮잠” from last year’s self-titled debut EP:

Also from Jeju ‘one woman band’ Jaydi could be found singing “The Falling” while playing the piano.


The latest video from PaldoAcoustic was shared today and shows Busan based band DHMP, or Dragon Head Mountain Park, perform “닭둘기”–the main track off debut album 닭둘기날아오르다 released only a few weeks ago.

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