MukimukiManmansu Release Debut Album Produced by Dalpalan

Female duo MukimukiManmansu is one of the most interesting young acts on Korea’s indie scene right now. Tomorrow, April 24th, they’ll be releasing their first full-length album 2012, produced by Dalpalan. The album includes a cover of Sanullim‘s “내가 고백을 하면 깜짝 놀랄거야“,A music video for album opening track “안드로메다 (Andromeda)” was released earlier today.

MukimukiManmansu also participated in the art project around fictive North Korean punk rock Lee Sung Woong (though it doesn’t mention MukimukiManmansu, this Huffington Post article from John Eperjesi about the project is well worth a read: North Korean Punk Rock Legend Rhee Appears in Seoul).

Here is the music video in question:


A good band in Hongdae does not go without a trace on YouTube. The following playlist includes performances of all songs from the album except “2008년 석관동” and “너의 선물”:

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