J Rabbit Return with Second Full-Length Album

J Rabbit began uploading videos to YouTube as one of the units in friendz.net in November 2010. A few digital singles were released, and then came first full-length album It’s Spring which soon went out of print. The two girls and friendz.net have since gained even more popularity, and now they’re back with second full-length album Looking Around.

First announced for release in the beginning of the week, the digital version was released on April 25th while the CD release has been pushed forward until May 3rd. Unlike the first album which consisted primarily of covers, for their second album J Dawoon has written all of the songs with J Hyesung assisting with lyrics on some of the songs. Another difference is that no video for any of the songs has been uploaded to friendz.net’s YouTube channel so fans that prefer to watch the girls as they play and sing will have to wait another while.

The album includes an acoustic version of “If You Love Me”, a song which was previously recorded by J Rabbit for drama Operation Proposal (프로포즈 대작전) and released as a digital single two months ago. The second song recorded by J Rabbit for the same drama does not appear to be included on the album in any version.

For a chance to hear some of J Rabbit’s own songs, though not included on this album here is the video for “특별한 바램 (The Hope in My Life)” — a song released in the beginning of February on compilation album Save The Air: Green Concert:

If you didn’t read it already you may learn more about J Rabbit through this mini-interview from before the release of their first album.

Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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