Big Bang’s Letter From The Sea Completed At Last

After four years in the making, on April 9th compilation 바다에서 온 편지 (lit. letter from the sea) was finally released. Hoping to invite listeners to the sea, the compilation features both indie artists and a couple of bigger names with most songs composed by Big Bang (Bang Seung Chul).

Building on Big Bang’s two The Happiness 4 Us singles from 2008 and 2010 respectively, the compilation includes both Lucite Tokki with “너 또한 똑같았음을” and Lim Ju Yeon with “War Is Over”. Among the participating artists we also find RossyPP with her first EP songs “Falling In Love” and “튤립”, “튤립” now with performed together with And. Another collaboration is My-Q singing his “일년 후” together with Yozoh as it was first released on single in 2008.

Also contributing with songs to the album is Cho Kyu Chan that while not singing himself has written and arranged the songs performed by Bubble Sisters and Hey. Music videos for Bubble Sisters’ “소년에게” and As One‘s “Drive” have been released to help promote the compilation.


“North Wind” was first released on a digital single with Hey in 2008. Here she can be seen performing the song on TV:

RossyPP has performed both songs on this compilation numerous times:



Since “일년 후” was first released with Yozoh’s vocals, My-Q has since recorded and released the song on his own even giving it a music video. Still, here is a performance from 2011 with the two singing the song together:

Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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