Soran Pair Up with 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol For New Album

A month ago Happy Robot Records announced that soft rock band Soran would release their first full-length album this spring. Come April 4th the time is here and the band prepared to offer a total of ten tracks.

Included on the album is of course be “벚꽃이 내린다”, the first digital single teasing for the album release. Also included is a song called “미쳤나봐” featuring 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol that was released as a digital single today, March 26th. With the exception of an acoustic version of the band’s debut EP main track “가을목이” all other titles on the tracklist of the album are new.

Increasing expectations for the full album a music video for 미쳤나봐” was also released today:


During a café : night & day event at the beginning of the month Soran performed “벚꽃이 내린다” as well as both “돌아오는 날” and “살빼지마요” from the soon-to-be-released album:


The band performed a nearly acoustic version of “가을목이” already in 2010 for Indie2Go:

Sources: Hyang Music

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