Shocking Remake Producer Manic Releases Second Single

Following his set of ‘Shocking Remakes’ of popular K-pop songs, DJ Manic released his first digital single in December 2011. On February 29th he proved ready to release his second digital single 시간이 흐르면 armed with a modern rock sound. The song with the same title is now promoted with a music video:


As for those ‘Shocking Remakes’, here are Manic’s rock versions of 2NE1 songs “I Don’t Care” and “Go Away“:



For more rock versions, here are the ‘Shocking Remakes’ of Sandara Park‘s Cass ad song “Kiss” and G-Dragon‘s “Heartbreaker“:



And for something a bit different, here is Manic’s modern rock version of Kim Tae Woo‘s “사랑비” and a bossanova version of IU’s “잔소리“:


Sources: Korean rock is real; maniadb

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