Met, Bye,Lupita and RaonJaena Do Off The Record

As of lately Digitalrecord have produced plenty of Off The Record ‘road live’ videos and subsequent digital singles.  Just over the last week British folk aficiando Met, acoustic band Bye, Lupita and popular duo RaonJaena have all had a couple of songs each promoted through Off The Record.

Met saw his single released on March 22nd, the Bye, Lupita single followed already on the 23rd and RaonJaena fans can look forward to the release of their Off The Record single on March 26th.

In addition to videos and singles the Off The Record project also includes photo sets and interviews in Korean:
멧(Met) [오프더레코드 길에서 음악을 만나다]
바이루피타(Bye, Lupita) [오프더레코드 길에서 음악을 만나다]
라온제나 [오프더레코드 길에서 음악을 만나다]

For Off The Record Met can be seen performing both “Trolley” and “늦은밤 사고” from last month’s EP:


Bye, Lupita performed “유행가” and “그 밤, 별은 부서져” from last year’s 그밤 EP:


RaonJaena instead let their two songs spanning their career so far, performing “낯선 다리” from the duo’s 2010 debut EP as well as “Boxer, 난 불독이 아니야” released only a week ago.

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