Plastic TV’s 2012 Rising Star for Daum Music Bar

The video makers of Plastic TV Network have launched another project: 2012 Rising Star together with Daum Music Bar. The project entails both high quality live footage alongside interviews with the acts performing. Running from January through March a total of six rising indie starts will be introduced, with only The Freaks remaining.

During the latest week four of the videos have been published on YouTube, most recently KMA Best Pop Album winner Neon Bunny who was filmed performing her first album song “Falling”. The other artists introduced through the project are Bye Bye Badman, Fellas, Glen Check and, on March 2nd, Zion.T.

Here’s KMA Rookie of the Year Bye Bye Badman performing their KMA Best Modern Rock Song nominated “노랑불빛”:


Here’s Glen Check performing their debut EP title track “Disco Elevator”:


And if you care for some R&B or neo soul, here’s Fellas with their first album track “후유증”:


The Daum Music Bar posts published so far can be found here:
뮤직Bar추천 인디유망주 1탄 – Bye Bye Badman
뮤직Bar추천 인디유망주 2탄 – FELLAS
뮤직Bar추천 인디유망주 3탄 – Glen Check
뮤직Bar추천 인디유망주 4탄 – 야광토끼
뮤직Bar추천 인디유망주 5탄 – Zion.T

Source: Plastic TV Network

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