Double Music Video and First Album from Glen Check

Electro rock band Glen Check had their first full-length album released online on February 28th with the CD release following today, March 6th. The title is Haute Couture and both titles from last year’s Au Revoir single are included on the tracklist. Fans willing to wait till the 12th to pick up the album may be rewarded with special Glen Check Haute Couture rhythm sticks.

The album comes with two main titles–“Vogue Boys and Girls”, for which a short MV was released a couple of weeks ago, and “French Virgin Party”, for which a music video also including “Battaille” was released today:


Also on the album is “Racket”, for which Fred Perry Subculture Viewzic Session music video was released already three months ago:


Later on when Glen Check where about to do their Maison concert, Fred Perry Subculture Viewzic Session offered a trailer set to “Au Revoir”:


During the concert in question, Glen Check performed both “The Naked Sun” and “The Flashback” from the new album:



Glen Check performed “60’s Cardigan” for their On Stage session:

Source: Purple Records;

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