Winners of Korean Music Awards 2012

Today, February 29th, the winners of the 9th Korean Music Awards were announced. As has been the case just about every year since it launched the official site has been overloaded with traffic, but fortunately Korean Wikipedia has the complete list, replicated below:

Album of the Year: Chang Kiha & The Faces장기하와 얼굴들
Song of the Year: IU – “좋은 날”
Musician of the Year: Chang Kiha & The Faces
Rookie of the Year: Bye Bye Badman

Best Rock Album: Chang Kiha & The Faces – 장기하와 얼굴들
Best Rock Song: Chang Kiha & The Faces – “그렇고 그런 사이”
Best Modern Rock Album: Yi Sung YolWhy We Fail
Best Modern Rock Song: Yi Sung Yol – “돌아오지 않아”
Best Pop Album: Neon BunnySeoulight
Best Pop Song: IU – “좋은 날”
Best Dance & Electronic Album: Idiotape11111101
Best Dance & Electronic Song: 2NE1 – “내가 제일 잘 나가 (I am the Best)”
Best Rap & Hip Hop Album: Simo & Mood SchulaSimo & Mood Schula
Best Rap & Hip Hop Song: Meta Wreckx – “무까끼하이”
Best R&B & Soul Album: Boni1990
Best R&B & Soul Song: Junggigo – “Blind”
Best Jazz Album: BG Salon습관의 발견
Best Crossover Album: Park Ju Won슬픔의 피에스타
Best Jazz & Crossover Performance: Youngjoo SongTale Of A City
Best Film & TV Music: Late Autumn (만추)

Netizen’s Choice, Male Artist: Verbal Jint
Netizen’s Choice, Female Artist: IU
Netizen’s Choice, Group: Infinite

Committee’s Choice: Dream Factory (꿈의 공장) & Cort and Cor-tek workers
Special Merit Price: Lee Pan Geun

For some background information on the winners, see the extended KMA winners post on the main site.

Source: Wikipedia

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