New Arrangement from Dear Cloud’s Yongrin for Park Jiyoon

When Park Jiyoon made a comeback in 2009 with her seventh full-length album 꽃, 다시 첫번째, her sound had been completely revamped from the straightforward K-pop that first brought her fame. In addition to writing many more of the songs herself, Park Jiyoon also got some support from the indie scene with Asher Park, Lucid Fall and Dear Cloud‘s Yongrin shaping her new sound.

Park Jiyoon will soon release her eight full-length album and on January 31st digital single Quiet Dream was released. The song with the same name was written by Park Jiyoon, but has Yongrin credited with the arrangement.

This is the teaser for the new album:


To hear what Yongrin has done for Park Jiyoon in the past, check out this music for “바래진 기억에” that he wrote for her seventh album:


Sources: allkpop; maniadb

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