Lowdown 30 First Out for Seoul Seoul Seoul

Blues rock band Lowdown 30 are preparing to release their second full-length album on March 8th but will also participate on the Seoul Seoul Seoul compilation to be released only a couple of days earlier. Their contribution to the compilation is “서울의 밤” remixed by Walrus bassist Sion and it’s released on February 13th as the first of four digital singles preceding the full compilation.

Coming out as singles within the next few weeks are Osoyoung‘s “매일 떠나는 여행” (February 17th), Mongoose‘s “이른 한강에서” (February 21st) and Leo Bang‘s “돌계단 손잡이” (February 24th). Seoul Seoul Seoul will be a two disc tribute to Seoul and has an impressive tracklist full of previously unreleased tracks. Other names on the list include 3rd Line Butterfly, Plastic People, Bulssazo and Apollo 18.

Here is Lowdown 30 performing “서울의 밤” at Club FF in January:


A number of the other participating artists too have been caught on camera performing their Seoul Seoul Seoul songs more or less recently. The following playlist includes Goonamguayeoridingstella, 9 And The Numbers, The Freaks, Bobbyville, Idiotape, Achime, Yamagata Tweakster and byul.org:


Sources: Sion’s Twitter; BJ Yoon’s Twitter; Round & Round

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