Olleh Music Indie Awards Winners, January 2012

Since September 2011 Olleh Music has been running its monthly Indie Awards, awarding the best album, artist and rookie of the month. The finalists are selected from submissions by a special jury and netizens get a chance to vote for their favorites little more than a week.

The results for January’s Indie Awards, rewarding November efforts, were revealed today, January 26th, although for those following the voting it was embarrassingly obvious already during the first weekend who would be the winners–in the end all got at least 50% of the votes in their respective categories.

Best Album: Jung Joon IlLo9ve3r4s (63%)
Best Artist: Monni (51%)
Best Rookie: The UNITED93 (67%)

Mate keyboardist Jung Joon Il released his first solo effort in November, see Chris’s review of Lo9ve3r4s over on the main site. Here’s Jung Joon Il performing album main track “안아줘” on an episode of You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook earlier this month:


Monni followed their special album from the summer with digital single Band Music in November, thus qualifying for the award. The song had previously been included on last summer’s Jisan Valley Rock Festival compilation, but it’s not until now that the band has actively started to promote the song themselves. Last week they made an appearance on M Countdown:


The UNITED93 formed already in 2009, but i wasn’t till the end of November 2011 that the guys released their first EP together, Yellow Fever. A teaser video set to EP track Whiteholic came around the same time as the release, but a full music video has yet to be revealed:


The nominees that didn’t make it all the way were the following:

Album Nominees:
2. Idiotape – 11111101 (19%)
3. Apollo 18The Black Album (12%)
4. The StrikersScreaming Youth (6%)

Artist Nominees:
2. Broken Valentine (31%)
3. Goonamguayeoridingstella (14%)
4. Telepathy (3%)

Rookie Nominees:
2. Bye Bye Badman (27%)
3. Brick Slipper (3%)
4. 4Hz (3%)

Source: Olleh Music

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