Mini-Interview with go go second time virgin

Last week as I gave my new Twitter followers a look I came across the name gogosecondtimevirgin and became intrigued. Deciding to find out more right away I read of the origin of the band name through Wikipedia while giving them a listen and loved what I heard. A few hits on the repeat button ensued after which I immediately approached this new band to learn more.

How did go go second time virgin form?

This band is made up by three members: Sungmin Park on composition, lyrics, vocal and guitar, Wonsool Choi on bass, and Wooseuk Lim on drum.

What does go go second time virgin sound like?

If you examine the songs we’ve written closely, you will find a punk structure and an ambient tendency and these two genres are opposed to each other. Thus, we always try to fill in the gap between those two while composing. Basically, we aim for the ‘no wave’ movement which originated from Lower East Side of New York in the middle of the 1970s.

We are influenced by avant-garde and experimental works done by various artists such a musicians, photographers and filmmakers. They not only affected our music but also influenced many other parts in our lives.

Why did you pick this name?

We took the name from a Japanese film, Go, Go Second Time Virgin by Koji Wakamatsu who is the great master of pink film. This movie belongs to the field of ATG (art theatre guild) which was the trigger of pink film until the mid 1980s in Japan.

Personally, we like pink films especially the early romance porno directed by Koji Wakamatsu. The structure of most pink films have several rules. For example, they follow rules such as short length, 60 minutes of running time. Also, once they insert required sexual scenes, the directors are guaranteed freedom.

The general rule of the movie Go, Go Second Time Virgin is the same as this. We liked the plot which describes romance of a boy and a girl who have a similar, yet different ego. This kind of form is similar to the form of our music that we pursue. (as mentioned above, the composer’s simple and punk structure, use of noise which is combined with sentimental ambience and textures and a soundscape that fills the other categories.) This is why we took the name from this film.

What are your plans for the band?

First, we’d like to finish the demo we are recording right now (6 songs including instrumentals) and send it to some recording companies. Meanwhile, we will be working on our first EP, single and formal albums, and choose songs that will be in them. At the same time, we are planning to participate in festivals and other concerts.

I’m eagerly awaiting more, but here’s what prompted this interview:


Reminds me a bit of The Plastic Day. If you too liked what you heard, drop by Bandcamp to download the recording for free.

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