Indieful ROK Music Chart week 1, 2012

Indieful ROK Unique Artist Chart
Not just the Bugs Indie Chart, but the Indieful ROK group chart too makes a return this year. However, in the interest of continuity, seeing as the unique chart wouldn’t always be updated weekly, unlike last year I’ve decided to just go through the group’s artist chart and single out the indie names. The samples for each artist is the song ranked highest on the group’s song chart. Here we go!

Indieful ROK TOP10 – week 1, 2012

1. Nell [Thank You MV]
2. Casker [야간비행 random video]
3. Monni [망설이지 마요 TV live]
4. Clazziquai [핑 MV]
5. Dear Cloud [너에겐 위로가 되지 않을 live]
6. 10cm [그게아니고 TV live]
7. Han Hee Jung [솜사탕 손에 핀 아이 TV live]
8. Zitten [곁에 MV]
9. adultchild [Make Up YT audio]
10. The Black Skirts [Love Shine TV live]

Don’t feel like the chart reflects your taste in music well enough? Join Indieful ROK’s group and maybe next week it’ll look a little better!

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