Wedding Show & Hiatus

Wedding Celebration Show
Apologies for the slow updates would’ve been in order for quite a while, but I hope you’ll have patience with me for another while. I’m visiting Korea at the moment, and today I’m getting married to by husband again – traditional Korean wedding style! Making it all the more special, we’ve lined up some of our favorite bands – Dringe Augh, Achime, Jambinai, National Pigeon Unity, Vassline – to play at Club Spot after the wedding and if you too wish to come by you are more than welcome to do so: Wedding Celebration Show.

Next week I’ll be guiding my family and friends from Sweden around Seoul and after that time has finally come for the honeymoon. Meanwhile refresh_daemon will keep the I Am A Singer posts coming, now supported by my dear Widhi and none other than The Korean (of Ask A Korean fame) himself! When I’m back there’ll be some pretty big changes related to my involvement with new site, but Indieful ROK will continue to live on albeit in a slightly different format. See you later!

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  1. asnindie

    Holy crap congratulations Anna. Ahh the receptions sounds breathtakingly fantastic, I wish I could go. Happy a happy ceremony and please post pics afterwards, I’d love to see you in a traditional outfit. Good luck and knwo we all love you and wish the best for you.


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