Surivial Top Band first digital single

서바이벌 TOP밴드 Part.1 24강
I think it was thanks to Seoulbeats that I first heard about Top Band (탑밴드) – a show on KBS2 where bands compete against each other. It airs on Saturdays at 10:10 PM and 9 episodes have been aired so far (they can all be watched through the official site). I had a great time catching up last weekend and intend to make next week a Top Band special here on the blog, so more about the show itself then. For now, let’s talk about 서바이벌 TOP밴드 Part.1 24강 – the first compilation gathering some material from the show.

It was released today, August 3, and includes songs from the second audition round performed by 5 of the 24 bands that made it to the next round. Here’s the tracklist with links to the actual performances (requires KBS account):
1. Gate Flowers흐린 가을 하늘에 편지를 써 (original: Kim Kwang Seok)
2. Rika Band바람이 분다 (original: Lee Sora)
3. Blue Near Mother흐린 가을 하늘에 편지를 써 (original: Kim Kwang Seok)
4. BBA나의 그대는 (original: Kim Hyun Chul)
5. Poe사랑 그 쓸쓸함에 대하여 (original: Yang Hee Eun)

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