90s k-pop revived: Tribute90 & Postino remixes of Clon

어반 자카파 - 'Tribute90' Part.1 - Just A Feeling
As a fan of 90s k-pop as well as covers, today’s (or yesterday’s, seeing as it’s already quite late) happy surprise news was the release of ‘Tribute90’ Part.1 – Just A Feeling from Fluxus R&B act Urban Zakapa. If I’m reading the album info right, together with Daum Music five indie labels have launched a project, Tribute90, where their artists make live studio recordings of songs from the 90s. This cover of Just A Feeling from S.E.S. is first out and we can expect covers from Solid and Clon to show up eventually as well.

DJ Koo & Postino - 돌아와 Remix
And now that Clon has been mentioned, DJ Koo of the old duo recently teamed up with electronica producer Postino for the release of 돌아와 Remix on August 13. Both have provided two remixes each of Clon’s old hit song 돌아와 (which happens to be one of my own Clon favorites), all featuring Mikyung Park on vocals. The songs have been mastered by Simon Davey, who has previously worked with well renowned acts such as Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Pet Shop Boys, and Moby. Check out the music video for DJ Koo’s original mix here.

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