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All out of the blue it was decided last week that I’ll be sent to India for one or a couple of weeks and I’ll be leaving very early tomorrow morning. I don’t know what my Internet access will look like while there nor if there’ll be any time for blogging, but I have prepared some posts to cover a few days of the first week, at least. In case you would happen to be looking for something new and can’t find it here (if not now the situation is likely to arise sooner or later), I’d like to recommend a few resources:

First up there’s Korean rock is real, sort of like an Omona They Didn’t for Korean rock and indie music run by Lightinthemind, a Russian girl sharing first name with me. She also posts music videos in addition to the sort of things you may come across on Indieful ROK. In fact as you may have noticed from my weekend reading posts I find many interesting things I wouldn’t otherwise have come across thanks to Korean rock is real.

Sometimes when I can’t take the time to blog I post a little something on Twitter instead, so there might be some activity from @indiefulrok regardless of blog status. However if you’re craving news and know how to read hangul, I’d strongly recommend following IndieNews_bot that provides daily updates on new releases, upcoming shows, and the like.

Although with less frequencey the Indieful ROK Facebook page too, may be getting some updates even when blogging is slow (and everything except mentions and proper retweets from Twitter show up there as well). Fairly new in existence, but the K-Indie page is providing updates with new music videos and the occasional link may well be worth becoming a fan of.

Perhaps not so news oriented, but with pretty pictures, nice videos, and other more community building posts Tumblr Fuck Yeah K-indie too may help well in adding some extra k-indie to your life.

Indieful ROK
And though I’ve answered the question more times than I can count, I don’t think I ever did so right here on IROK: How do you know all the things you blog about? It may sound like it’d be a secret of some sort, but I assure you it’s not. It is simply a matter of knowing where to look for information.

Hyang MusicThe one single source of information I use more than any other is Hyang Music. On occasion I also check Bugs Music to find out about digital only releasesBugs!, since I find it easier to navigate than other outlets for Korean music online.

TwitterFor other things Twitter serves as a very fast source for the latest on anything – who’s working on a new song, which band is going to have a show somewhere, what did somebody have for dinner [photos!], and is it raining today again? Not to mention it is quite amusing seeing artists tweeting to eachother. The list of Korean indie artists on Twitter keeps growing (although many more hide among the people I follow) and as a result there’s more and more to sort through, but when I do find something blogworthy I usually make it a favorite which means that the indiefulrok twitter favorites may be a decent source of information for others as well.

RSSBefore Twitter various RSS feeds that I’d gathered in my Google Reader had the same function. I still use it plenty adding more feeds whenever I come across a blog or site that I think could probably post anything of interest one day, but it is generally more useful to find new posts from reliable sources such as Korea Gig Gudie, wakesidevision, Init_Music, and the aforementioned Korean rock is real. I’ve very recently begun experimenting with Google alerts for this purpose (should’ve done it sooner, but could never get the page to show up in a language I could understand..) Google Alerts betabut it has yet to yield any additional results.

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  1. refresh_daemon

    My Google Reader is stuffed full and I try to spend a little time reading it every day, but I just realized that we can actually share our collections of RSS feeds as well. Perhaps with some bundling and organization, we can do that for our readers as well?

    I’m going to investigate this some more.


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