Mini-Interview with Yellow Monsters

옐로우 몬스터즈 (Yellow Monsters)
My Aunt Mary was one of the first Korean indie bands I ever listened to. As was Delispice; and one of my all time favorite albums comes from Omega 3. GumX was long my favorite among catchy Korean punk bands. After learning that members from all had formed Yellow Monsters I was naturally very excited. After hearing the band’s self-titled debut album I had a new favorite band. It’s barely been a year since the release of Yellow Monsters and soon second full length album Riot! will be here bringing even more of Yellow Monsters awesomeness. Naturally I was curious to learn more about the album in question, and Choi Jaehyuk enthusiastically provided answers to my questions:

Could you please start by introducing Yellow Monsters?
We are a korean rock band that consist of Choi Jaehyuk (drums&vocals), Han Jinyoung (bass&vocals), Lee Yongwon (guitars&vocals). The band’s own name Yellow Monsters means Asians, as everyone could guess.

How would you say the sound of Yellow Monters distinguishes itself from that of your previous bands?
Well, I would say the previous band, Delispice is kind of soft and poppy side band but i would describe Yellow Monsters as a energetic, rough and more like aggressive band. Yeh, Rock n roll haha.

What can listeners expect from Riot?
We were just trying so hard to maximise all of power and glory of our music. It wasn’t easy but so much fun you know? For instance, if we were putting the level 7,8 of power and energy on our 1st LP, but this time, we think we put the level 10 and more!!
Therefore.. Please enjoy our energy!

You’ve already played in Japan. Are you looking to return there with the new album and are there any other countries you’d like to perform in?
Sure, we has been already booked at the festival called Punkafoolic Big Peace 2011> in Tokyo, Japan on 17th, July. And also we are scheduling a Japan tour to promote the LP, which will be officially licensed there this year.

Well, we are definitely gonna tour in any other countries if we have any chance. I mean outside Asia. I think every bands want to do that. Don’t they? And we are not gonna be doing nothing and just wait a chance or good offer for years but make it!

Punkafoolic! Big Peace 2011And let’s all hope they do! I loved their first album as soon as I heard it and after this interview expect nothing less of the second.

If you’re in Tokyo take action not to miss the one day punk rock festival Punkafoolic! Big Peace 2001. Although I’ve sadly haven’t had a chance to see Yellow Monsters live myself, I’ve heard they’re a live act not to miss!

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  1. Jenna

    Aww. Yay! I love Jae-Hyuck, and the Yellow Monsters are one of my favorite bands too. Everyone that I introduce them to get into them. I’m really happy they’re putting out new music! :) thanks for the interview! Is there a release date set yet, do you know?


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