Eloise playing Ho-Hai-Yan this Sunday

Via K-Indie on Facebook came the news of post-punk band Eloise playing the 2011 Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival, which takes place in Taiwan this weekend. Like many of the other international bands on the festival Eloise will take the stage on Sunday, July 10. Check out the festival CF here.

While on the subject of Eloise, Korean rock is real came across some unusual videos on Pastel Music‘s YouTube channel, where Eloise, adultchild, and “super ultra new monster band” Sumiara & Phonestuber all play songs while confined in small boxes:
엘루이즈 – hysteric song
어른아이 – 서성이네
수미아라 앤 뽄스뚜베르 – 쟤 뭐니

2 Comments Eloise playing Ho-Hai-Yan this Sunday

  1. Shawn

    Eloise have slimmed down to a trio. Bass and drums are being handled by former members of The Plastic Day.

    I really want to see Eloise play now!


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