New from old and new Fluxus acts: Jisun, Alex, Urban Zakapa

어반자카파 (Urban Zakapa) 1집 - 01알렉스 (Alex) 2집 - Just Like Me지선 - 바람 (WISH)
After seeing the latest Indieful ROK chart I figured perhaps I should mention some releases that while not so indie themselves are still popular among fans of Korean indie music.

Alternative R&B/soul trio Urban Zakapa released first major full length album 01 through Fluxus on May 17. The tracklist includes several “reprises” of songs first released on the Pastel distributed 2009 special album, Sweety You, as well as digital EP debut 커피를 마시고. Check out the music video for new album main track 그날에 우리 here.

Clazziquai vocalist Alex released his second full length solo album, Just Like Me, on June 1. Plenty of ballads on there, as hinted through the music video for 미쳐보려 해도. MTV K offers plenty more information: Clazziquai’s Alex Returns with Just Like Me!

Former Loveholic vocalist Jisun is set to release a three track single called 바람 (WISH) on June 9. The teaser for A-side 바람아 불어라 has been out since the very beginning of the month.

3 Comments New from old and new Fluxus acts: Jisun, Alex, Urban Zakapa

  1. helikoppter

    Indeed it does! Not quite sure why they made the English title wish rather than wind.

    Actually the album info said WISH – perhaps it was meant as some kind of abbreviation including wind rather than just the word wish, as I assumed at first?

    바람 is such a lovely word, by the way. 바람아, 불러라 might already be one of my favorite song titles ^^

  2. Kil

    Baram in Korean can mean wind or wish. So I guess in this case its like a play on words. Very nice song title indeed.


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