Hyang Music Album Chart week 18

Hyang Music Album Chart
Catching up on Hyang Music‘s album sales charts, starting with the first week of last month:

Hyang Chart – 1st week of May, 2011
1. Dalmoon28
2. 10cm1.0
3. NuncoMurder’s High
4. Glen CheckDisco Elevator
5. Sogyumo Acacia BandCiaosmos
6. SuedeThe Best of Suede
7. Neon BunnySeoulight
8. Cosmos Sound스무살
9. f(x)피노키오
10. StrokesAngles

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
13. Bamseom Pirates/Ankle AttackThe Split
21. Demian The BandYou God Forgot
26. WagwakLost In A Lot
65. The Rock TigersElectric Travel
73. 내일새벽 기차
75. Honggaap홍갑 1
77. The Black Skirts201 (special edition)
81. The Killer CutZLoop Loop Red Red
87. Dalmoon – 옥탑라됴

See the full top 100 list here.

밤섬해적단 / 앵클어택 (Ankle Attack) - The SplitOn April 23 noisy punk rockers Bamseom Pirates and post-punk-ish rock band Ankle Attack put out a split album called The Split. Ankle Attack contributed with 3 songs whereas Bamseom Pirates offered a total of 12 tracks.

데미안 더 밴드 (Demian The Band) - Your God ForgotFour member indie rock act Demian The Band made a much celebrated album debut with You God Forgot on May 4. All 11 tracks from the release can be streamed from the official MySpace.

와그와크 (Wagwak) - Lost In A LotAn equally celebrated release was that of buzz act Wagwak’s three track single Lost In A Lot, also released on May 4. Check out the official YouTube channel for samples.

홍갑 - 홍갑 1Male singer/songwriter Honggaap released is first EP, 홍갑 1, through boonga Boonga Record affiliate boongboongp on May 6. The song 몰라요 has a music video.

킬러 컷츠 (The Killer Cutz) - Loop Loop Red Red“Electronic band The Killer CutZ” has Lazybone‘s JD wielding the drumsticks for debut EP Loop Loop Red Red, released May 3. The duo’s official YouTube channel has a promo video and various other brief samples.

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