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한음파 & 김바다 With 소년 - 2011 들국화 리메이크 앨범 Part 32011 들국화 리메이크
Following Part 1 and Part 2, 2011 Deulgukhwa Remake Album Part 3 was released as a digital single on May 13. This time around with the morin khuur equipped rock band Hanumpa interpreting 머리에 꽃을 while Kim Bada has taken on the classic 행진.

After some months of waiting the full compilation CD will be out on May 26. In addition to the aforementioned songs and singles – including covers by Mot, Huckleberry Finn, W&Whale, and Handsome People – it’ll also include Monni singing 그것만이 내 세상 들국화; Guckkasten singing 사랑일뿐이야; and Lee Jang Hyuk singing 제발.

Although not related to this release, it seems Hanumpa was performing their version of 제발 during their on Stage session: [HD] HANUMPA(한음파) – “제발”(들국화 cover) Dec 30, 2010 at Naver OnStage. More from that session here.

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