Upcoming releases April 12: Aile, Eniac, Mentles

엘 (Aile) - 1집 Emotion에니악 (eniac) - 소년은 달린다Mentles - Nowhere Mentles Tributes To The Beatles Vol.2
Female fronted pop/rock band Aile released first full length album Emotion online on April 8 and have the CD release coming up April 12. It includes Comeback 2 Me from the band’s 2009 debut EP Aile The Special as well as Cyon Arena ad song Magic Candle, originally released as a digital single in June 2010, and both songs from December single 사실은 울고 싶었어. Check out the title track music video here. allkpop wrote a bit about the release last Friday: Indie band ‘Aile’ releases first album, “Motion”.

The new EP from electroacoustic act Eniac mentioned previously too will be released on April 12. Eniac may still be best known for his contributions to the Soulmate drama soundtrack some years ago, but at least from Twitter it seems as though he’s had some success with his more dance oriented moniker StardonE.

Another April 12 release that may be of interest to some is the second album from Mentles – the gentlemen singing Beatles songs. The first Tribute To The Beatles was released in 2008, and now it is time for NowHere Mentles – Tributes To The Beatles Vol.2.

1 Comment Upcoming releases April 12: Aile, Eniac, Mentles

  1. chocoeur

    How has Aile not reached an indie-idol type status? They have that kind of fluffy sound and everyone in the band is good-looking!

    Happy to see Eniac still making music(and still working with Postino from the looks of it! ^^).

    So many of the artists from the Soulmate OSTs disappeared (and it was such an awesome OST!). Whoever was director of music for that drama deserves an award.


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