Hyang Music Album Chart week 13

Hyang Music Album Chart
It seems the somewhat confusing Hyang Music chart for the last week of Mars was not intended that way and has since gotten an update. Following that Hyang Music has also published its first sales chart to cover a bit of April.

Hyang Chart – 1st week of April, 2011
1. RadioheadThe King of Limbs
2. Neon BunnySeoulight
3. 10cm1.0
4. Look & Listen/The FreaksWake Up/꿈이냐
5. Mimi Sisters미안하지만… 이건 전설이 될 거야
6. Savina & DronesGayo
7. Green DayAwesome As F**k
8. StrokesAngles
9. Baik HyunjhinBasis of Planck Time
10. Lucite TokkiSelf

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
53. RotsTurn Around
59. Maypop
65. MonniThis Monent
81. Various Artists2011 Gwangju Indie Music Compilation

See the full top 100 list here.

라츠 (Rots) - Turn AroundIt’s been quiet from Rots for a few years, with not even a digital single since 거미줄 came out late 2008, but on March 22 the melodic hard rock band returned with a new EP called Turn Around. It includes a re-recorded version of 거미줄, now also gifted with a music video. The digital version of the album has been out since April 5.

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