Foundation’s 3rd compilation celebrates Spring

Foundation Compilation vol.3 - Spring이진욱 - 春浪 (춘랑)
Following Foundation‘s first compilation Winter from 2009 and Summer from 2010, in 2011 the time has come for Foundation Compilation vol.3 – Spring. The compilation is out on April 22 and features songs from among others electronica trio Planet Shiver and new age pianist Lee Jin Wook, who has been featuring Diana – main vocalist for the first Oriental Funk Stew. Check out the trailer here.

Lee Jin Wook offered some new music already on March 4 with the release of single 春浪 (춘랑). In addition to the title track it comes with two versions of a song called 다시 마주한다면. A teaser of 다시 마주한다면 featuring cellist Sung Ji Song is available here.

2 Comments Foundation’s 3rd compilation celebrates Spring

  1. Janet

    I hadn’t heard of him before today, but I would say Lee Jin Wook’s stuff sounds more like classical than new age. His music made me think of Chopin. But then again, I have an untrained ear. :p

  2. helikoppter

    I agree with you on this, actually, but it seems like at least in Korea the term “new age” is used for any pianist that plays something that isn’t composed by some classical composer, regardless of the style of their own works/style.


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