New single from Humming Urban Stereo

허밍 어반 스테레오 - 그날
If you checked out the Indieful ROK chart below you may have noticed that besides the Humming Urban Stereo listing was a new track called 그날. The song in question is the title track off the electronica act’s most recent single, released February 8. It’s been getting a lot more attention than is common for HUS releases and I dare say the reason is that another track off the same single, 넌 그날, features Yoo In Na on vocals.

The actress said last year that she wanted to work with Humming Urban Stereo, and now it has actually happened. allkpop first posted on the release the day it was released: Yoo In Na & Humming Urban Stereo collaborate for “You That Day”. A couple of days later they followed with a post on Yoo In Na’s thoughts on the collaboration: Yoo In Na chats about Humming Urban Stereo, IU, and her ideal man.

Mellowyel reviewed the single and also shared a few opinions on the new 10cm album in a recent post: More New Music – The Sounds of Mid-February. Check out the music video to hear 넌 그날 for yourself,.

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