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It’s Friday which for anyone in or around the Hongdae area in Seoul usually means an overabundance of interesting shows to choose from. Maybe not so much this weekend however because of the lunar new year and all. So for some weekend reading here’s a bunch of live reports and related material that showed up online during the last four months or so.

SEOULSONIC goes to North AmericaFirst up something fairly recent: Oliver Philpott of Seoul Music Room checked out the Seoulsonic gig at Welcomm Theater a couple of weeks ago, where he was blown away by Apollo 18: Big Phony, Idiotape and Apollo 18 at Seoulsonic: Friday, January 21st 2011

Little over a week later Oliver headed to Live Club Ssam where he checked out Gullivers, Pika, and Trampauline: New Romance Party, Club SSAM ’30/1/11′

달빛요정역전만루홈런 추모공연장
Lee Ga-on from 10 Asia made it to the SangSang Madang part of last Thursday’s Moonlight Nymph‘s beneficial, previously mentioned here: [REVIEW] Concert in memory of Moonlight Fairy Lee Jin-won. The original article in Korean comes with a generous amount of photos from the evening.

Hot Potato Live Album In 2010: Thank You! Good Night
Hot Potato lives have been given some coverage over at 1 night 2 days fansubs. The same site also shared the news of a Hot Potato CD+DVD set, Thank You! Good Night that was released November 30. Seoulbeats followed with a tracklist and live version MV for 시소.
Hot Potato – Green Plugged Festival (May 21, 2010)
Hot Potato – Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival (July 24, 2010)
GMF2010Hot Potato – Grand Mint Festival (October 24, 2010)

More from the 2010 edition of Grand Mint Festival was offered by 10 Asia: Grand Mint Festival takes place under a star and a moon

Mid-October, the weekend before GMF the first Daejeon Rock Festival took place. Finbarr Bermingham was there and later shared his disappointment with the event in a blog post: Daejeon Rock Festival

Even earlier that same October Widhi had made it to another festival, about which she wrote for Smashing Mag: Playground Music & Camping Festival @ Jungdo Island, Chuncheon (Oct. 2 – 3, 2010)

Over at Omona They Didn’t a few months ago there was a post collecting a couple of videos from Winterplay‘s visit to London: Winterplay in England [Instant Play]

Another video was offered by The Creator’s Project, as they filmed an interview with DJ Soulscape after he played at their Seoul launch event: Live Music Week: DJ Soulscape Gets Seoul Groovin’

Melissa Schumacher too performed an interview, after seeing Like A Fox play at Woodstock in Itaewon. This well written piece blends her impressions from the performance with the story of vocalist Doo: A Rockstar in His Korean Cage

During the last evening of my last trip to Korea I ran into another Swedish girl outside of SPOT. Turns out she too has a blog, where she’s shared some of her experiences from Hongdae:
Punk in Hongdae
Smacksoft, The Swindlers releaseparty, Korean Barbeque and Soju Soju Soju.
New Favorite Korean Band!

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