Indieful ROK Music Chart week 5

Indieful ROK Unique Artist Chart
Here comes the first unique artist chart of February from Indieful ROK’s listener group. Sample songs for each artist are picked based on the number of total number of listeners within our group.

Indieful ROK TOP10 – week 5, 2011

1. Jaurim (+2) [Something Good TV live]
2. Donawhale (re) [도레미 YT audio]
3. Casker (-2) [꼭 이만큼만 MV]
4. Clazziquai (+2) [Kiss Kiss Kiss MV]
5. Bluedawn (new) [Paper Doll YT audio]
6. Drunken Tiger (new) [숫자놀이 YT audio]
7. The Quiett (new) [Swaggerin’ In The Mood YT audio]
8. Humming Urban Stereo (-1) [지랄 YT audio]
9. Peppertones (re) [Superfantastic TV live]
10. Han Hee Jung (re) [그대는 어디에 MV]

Don’t feel like the chart reflects your taste in music well enough? Join Indieful ROK’s group and maybe next week it’ll look a little better!

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