Hyang Music Album Chart week 5

Hyang Music Album Chart
Having now gotten into February, here’s yet another recently published album sales chart from Hyang Music – arguably the best CD store for anyone looking too purchase a disc of Korean indie music.

Hyang Chart – 1st week of February, 2011
1. 10cmThe First EP
2. Various ArtistsSave The Air: Green Concert
3. Autumn Vacation가을방학
4. Broccoli, you too?졸업
5. GuckkastenTagträume
6. Sister’s Barbershop비둘기는 하늘의 쥐
7. Vodka RainFaint
8. Sister’s Barbershop – 후일담
9. IUReal
10.Jieun and The Wolves오지은과 늑대들

No new k-indie related releases had made it into the TOP100 this week.

3 Comments Hyang Music Album Chart week 5

  1. helikoppter

    I should make an effort stop casually using words that have two opposite meanings :/

    Anyway, if I was in the mood to argue where the best place to get Korean indie music is I could say it is actually mrkwang. Unlike Hyang Music he ships CDs overseas, and in addition to selling CDs from Hyang Music he can also sell other CDs – be it obscure self-released or just marketed through different channels. But then of course you have to already know what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for something then going straight to Hyang Music is probably the better choice.

  2. refresh_daemon

    You make a good point for MrKwang. Probably why I end up shopping with him half the time. I’m lucky enough to have relatives that will occasionally put together CD packages from Hyangmusic and ship them over to me. But without that kind of resource, MrKwang is definitely the best bet internationally.


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