8th Korean Music Awards Winners

Korean Music Awards 한국대중음악산 2011
Yesterday, February 23, the winners of the 8th Korean Music Awards were announced. Thanks to the many Korean indie musicians on Twitter it was possible to follow the awards in real time even for those that couldn’t watch the video streaming from the official site. The Seoulsonic even offered a few photos on tumblr, starting here.

Here are the results (more after the jump), via Sports Chosun

Album of the Year: Garion 《Garion 2》
Song of the Year: Hot Potato 〈고백〉《Seesaw》
Musician of the Year: Galaxy Express 《Wild Days》
Rookie of the Year: Gate Flowers 《Gate Flowers》

Rock album: Crash 《The Paragon of Animals》
Rock song: Gate Flowers 〈예비역〉《Gate Flowers》
Modern rock album: 9 and the Numbers 《9와 숫자들》
Modern rock song: Broccoli, you too? 〈졸업〉《졸업》
Pop album: Cho Kyu Chan 《Cho Kyu Chan 9》
Pop song: 10cm 〈오늘 밤은 어둠이 무서워요〉《Life (VA)》
Dance & Electronic album: 2NE1 《To Anyone》
Dance & Electronic song: miss A 〈Bad Girl Good Girl〉《Bad But Good》
Rap & Hip Hop album: Garion 《Garion 2》
Rap & Hip Hop song: Garion 〈영순위〉《Garion 2》
R&B Soul album: Jinbo 《Afterwork》
R&B Soul song: Deez 〈Sugar〉《Get Real》
Jazz album: Nah Youn Sun 《Same Girl》
Crossover album: La Ventana 《Nostalgia And The Delicate》
Jazz & Crossover performance: Lee Pan Geun Project 《A Rhapsody In Cold Age》
Film & TV Music: VA 《Bravo! Jazz Life (브라보! 재즈 라이프)》

Netizen’s Choice, male artist: Taeyang
Netizen’s Choice, female artist: Kim Yoon Ah
Netizen’s Choice, group: f(x)

Committee’s Choice: Super Session
Special merit price: Sug Woo Sohn

A few observations:
Gate Flowers replaced Guckkasten both as rookie (an award they shared with Apollo 18) and for best rock song.
Broccoli, you too? won the modern rock song category in 2010 as well.
– Pop album winners are likely to be already well established artists.
– Idol usually trumphs indie when it comes to Electronica & Dance.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to return with more on these results tomorrow.

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