Upcoming releases: Autumn Vacation & Broccolil, you too?

Two much anticipated releases showed up in Hyang’s preorder section today. Almost two dozens of addictive, warm indie pop songs coming up shortly!

가을방학 - 가을방학
Yesterday the mastering of the first album from lovely duo Autumn Vacation finished. The self-titled release will be out in digital format already this week on October 7 and the CD release follows suit a week later on October 14.

The musical genius of Julia Hart‘s Bobby Chung paired with the warm and sweet vocals of Gyepy proved successful already last year with the release of a self-titled digital single, and I’ve loved everything I’ve heard since as well.

Hyang Music has a few samples and via YouTube it’s fairly easy to hear more:
1. 샛노랑과 새빨강 사이 (@ Café Veloso)
3. 곳에 따라 비 (@ Welcomm Theater)
5. 취미는 사랑 (@ Welcomm Theater)
7. 이브나 (@ Welcomm Theater)
9. 인기있는 남자애 (@ Welcomm Theater)
10. 나비가 앉은 자리 (@ Café Veloso)
11. 가을방학 (@ Café Veloso)

브로콜리 너마저 2집 - 졸업
As noted previously, the band were Gypey was formerly one of the vocalists, Broccoli, you too?, is getting ready to release a new album. The title is 졸업 and it’ll be out on October 20, featuring songs such as 커뮤니케이션의 이해, 울지마, 이젠 안녕, and of course 졸업.

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