New CD Price Competition at Indieful ROK

Very sorry about the recent lack of updates here! I’m currently in Korea and thought I had scheduled a post explaining that, but apparently it was left in a draft state. Anyhow, while I’m here I’ll try to put the occasional travel related update on Twitter or Facebook and I have a couple of interviews scheduled to be posted while I’m away, but with a busy schedule I’m afraid updates here may be kinda slow for the next few weeks.

However I feel like it’s been far too long since there was any kind of CD giveaway going on here last time and that of course needs to be changed.

Here at Indieful ROK we keep track of three charts: Bugs’ indie music chart, Hyang Music’s album sales chart, and Indieful ROK’s unique artists chart (that I have been keeping track of, although I haven’t actually posted here in favor of other more news worthy items). However it may be difficult to distinguish between them when posted, so I would like to have one icon to go with each to make them easily recognizable. Problem is I’m really horrible with making graphics (I made the blog header in Paint, altering a font I thought looked kinda cool) so I need some help.

Here’s how it goes: Make one or more sets of icons (one for each chart category) and send them to before 11:59PM (GMT) on November 4. I will select a winner that gets to pick a CD from any of the Hyang Music charts posted until then. Every entry – more than one per person is perfectly allowed – will also warrant a place in a draw with the possibility to win one or more CDs more or less selected by me after I figure out what kind of music you prefer (I have a set of extras from the last two trips that for various circumstances I’ve not been able to give away through Indieful ROK just yet). Have fun & good luck!

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