Interview roundup

Not just an impressive amount of reviews, but also a whole bunch of interesting interviews showed up online over the months when activity on this blog was low.

Thanks to Mark Russell, I found out about The Creators Project interviews with both DJ Soulscape and EE:
A Chat with DJ Soulscape
A Chat with EE

The same Mark did an interview himself with Steven Kim, the Jisan Valley Rock Festival founder, some months back: Kicking the Music Biz in the Butt — The Man Behind Jisan Valley Rock Festival

Groove Korea published two really nice articles written by Shawn Despres after interviews with Apollo 18 and Vidulgi OoyoO:
Apollo 18
Vidulgi Ooyoo

Thanks to wassereis another couple of interviews became available in English. She translated the Guckkasten video interview for this year’s World DJ Festival, where they appeared charming and also talked a bit about festivals in general: guckkasten are awesum.period. And she also took on Mint Paper‘s interview with Lala Sweet: [Lala Sweet] Interview with Mintpaper

As Hot Potato‘s Kim C left variety travel show 1 Night 2 Days (1박 2일) Dw4p TommyROT offered an IS Plus interview where Kim C talked both about variety shows and music: Kim C says goodbye to 1n2d. Meanwhile 1n2d fansubs looked into older interviews and put together a piece of their own: Kim C the musician.

Update (5:30PM): Yet another interview translated to English by wassereis: Older No Reply Interview from Junior magazine

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  1. refresh_daemon

    Thanks for the link to the Creators Project. The included video documentaries were great watches. I still haven’t developed a personal appreciation for EE’s music nor their art yet, but I definitely recognize it as an original creative statement and I really respect how they’re not just a music act, but a total art package.


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