Videophile: June 16-30, 2010

Hi hi hi.
So here we are again! Ah, at last the weather is starting to get a little nicer.
To start the playlist, hit play and navigate to and from videos using the arrows on the sides of the box.
The first half of the playlist is new MVs, second half live performances.

In order of appearance:


The Swimmin’ Fish – Fly [MV]
With their new sparkling image, they have returned with the single Fly. You may remember some of their past songs like 떠나가 버려 [MV]. Always fun and gimmicky.

Arie – Kiss Me Darling [MV]
Debut single by these rock newcomers. The video is mostly hair.

Yoari – Excuse Me [MV]
Former member of Brown Eyed Girls, this is her first solo single. The video is mostly hair.

Delight -절름발이 [MV]
The newest digital single from the wonderful group Delight.

Chess – Echo [MV]
This indie ballad duo is worth a listen! This song is on their first single First Move, Leave.

Standing Egg – Kiss [MV]
The final single from his 3 track album, Standing Egg.

Norazo – Curry [MV]
According to the person who posted the video, “by the sword” and “curry” have a similar pronunciation in Korean and that’s what the first part of this MV is about. The remainder is merry dancing in a forest. Music starts at 1:55. This song is on their 4th album, released April 23rd of this year.

~Videophile Classic~
Noteworthy songs, stumbled across in videohopping.

Blits – Awkward [MV]
Back from 2006, a video in tribute to the S.Korea’s football team (best of luck in 2014!). This song is from their album Singular Point In Me
I’m in love with them.

Amuband – 사막의 왕 [MV]
The title means King of the Desert. From their first album, 이.판.을.사.

Kim Su Cheol – 나도야 간다 [MV]
From the OST for the film, 고래사냥 (Whale Hunt). The film is from 1984, though the video seems more recent.


David Choi –  Better You [live perf]
An internet phenomenon, David Choi recently performed live at the Welcomm Theater in Seoul! I chose this song for the playlist as it was my favorite, but the entire performance can be viewed here.

Cobalt Blue – 잊어야해 [live perf]
From their first album, Prologue.

Oyster Boys – 쏴좡뉨의 명령 [talking, eating, etc]

Zitten – TV Show [live outdoor perf]
This song is on the Wonderland EP.

Girls on the Bonnet – Liar [live perf]
No album info yet, but if you ask me this is a band to watch for!

3rd Line Butterfly -깊은밤 안개속 [live perf]
Some very high quality audio/video by of 3rd Line Butterfly playing their hit song live. This song was on their EP Nine Days Or A Million.

Dear Cloud – Lies [live perf]
This is the only live session on the playlist that is not new, but I thought it was worth posting.
This song is from their 2nd album, Grey.

The Koxx – Oriental Girl [live perf]
Really excellent live, and so danceable! This is a new song. No album info yet.

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