Videophile: May 1-15, 2010

Howdy, howdy, howdy~
Here are the latest videos for your viewing pleasure!
Hit play to begin the playlist, and navigate from and to songs with the arrows on the sides of the box.

Sohee – 산책 [live session]
From her second album, Mingle.

Light and Noise -분실 [street performance]
As Anna mentioned earlier on this month, this wonderful group was recently signed to Electric Muse, the label of Indieful ROK favorites such as Plastic People and Dringe Augh.

Pastel Blue – Love You Like That [MV]
A very cute, light song. From their 2 track single Love You Like That.

Epitone Project – Dive Into Time [clip]
nice melody…

Ab Avenue – 너뿐이야 [MV]
A lovely video. From their two track single.

Oriental Funk Stew feat. Sugar Flow- Supersonic [MV]
Yeah. They’re back. :|
This song was released as a single.

Biuret – Violet [live perf.]
Performing at Rockin’ Korea and looking absolutely gorgeous. High quality video. You must see it!

Standing Egg – 사랑한다는 말 [MV]
From his first three-track single. I adore it!

Storyseller – Supergirl [MV]
This awesome all-girl rock band is back with their always striking, ever-changing  image. From their new mini-album, Super Girls.

Apollo18 – Iridescent Clouds [MV]
As brought to the attention of many of you by Anna, this song now has a video. From The Blue Album.

Humming Urban Stereo – 파핑파핑 바나나 [icecream cf]
This song was released as a single.

Siwa – (First Love Song I Wrote) The Moment Like This [live perf.]
Another wonderful release from the new queen of the acoustic scene. 

Horan (Clazziquai) and Haewon (Winterplay) – Sweet Bubble (Bubble Song2) [studio MV]

The Plastic Day – Sunshine Kiss [live shirtless perf.]
From their first album, 30 seconds between the dreamer and the realist.

3 Comments Videophile: May 1-15, 2010

  1. helikoppter

    “shirtless performance”. Awesome description!
    Kinda cool to hear what they sounded like a few years ago too. They’ve certainly stepped up their game with the live performances. Just too bad there won’t be any new ones for a while, with Sun Ho going to Australia and all.

    Don’t think I’ve thanked you enough recently, but as always – thank you so much for doing these posts, Janet!


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